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How it works

Cosmelan is a safe and effective PEEL treatment for melasma pigmentation, pregnancy blemishes and sunspots. This peel can be initiated any time of the year, provided the patient uses mesoasthetic sun protection (of which we provide) on a daily basis. The peel is compatible with any skin type.


The Cosmelan treatment comprises two phases:

  • the first to be applied in clinic by our nurse
  • the second is a maintenance program to be applied at home.

You will be given a take home post procedure pack and instructions.


During the first and second week of using the Cosmelan method, the skin will already show a substantial improvement. Blemishes being treated will tend to diminish and simultaneously, the skin will start to show a brighter and rejuvenated look.

Cosmelan is very effective at reducing pigmentation, we would expect to see a reduction of abnormal pigmentation by 95%


Cosmelan is a peel, and you WILL peel for around one week. Each client will peel at a different rate depending on amounts of sun damage and pigmentation. Your skin will gradually stop peeling over a period of two weeks.


Cosmedix Timeless Peel
Repair & Restore

Stimulates collagen and elastin production and cell turnover to visibly reduce signs of aging and pigmentation. A combination of vitamin A (retinol) and Lactic Acid, this treatment will remove pigmentation and congestion as well as reduce the visible signs of aging Produces powerful results that may include mild to moderate flaking, depending on skin condition.


Blueberry Peel
Refines & Hydrates

Part L-Lactic Acidexfoliant, part manual scrub, this treatment will soften rough, uneven skin for a balanced complexion and dramatically smoother texture. Great for dull, aging skin, mild acne or congested pores.

Active blueberry extracts exfoliate the skin to restore a youthful-looking glow.

Rich in antioxidants and enzymes the Blueberry Smoothie contains anti-aging properties with the ability for deep skin activation and oil control. Suitable for all skin types.


Benefit Peel
Corrects and Protects

The Benefit brightening peel a gentle, all-purpose treatment that resurfaces, corrects and protects with fruit enzymesand Vitamins A, vitamin Cand Salicylic Acid. The Benefit Brightening Peel by Cosmedixis the perfect treatment series for hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, improving the overall appearanceand texture of the skin.


Medical Peels

The Enerpeel® system is a nine product peel range with different AHA and TCA-including combinations where the most appropriate acids are selected for particular skin issues including:

  • Dehydration
  • Pigmentation
  • Fine lines, wrinkles and large pores
  • Scarring
  • Acne and oily skin.
  • Redness

We have a range of peels for specific areas of the body, including the hands and neck. The respective peels have also been augmented with special ingredients to boost their activity. All our enerpeel treatments your skin will need to be prepared 2 weeks prior.


Enerpeel® Pyruvic Acid
For Acne and Blackheads

Enerpeel® PA is a version of the frequently used pyruvic acid chemical peel in a patented Enerpeel® skin remodelling solution. It is commonly used to treat a wide range of skin issues, including fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation issues as well as oily skin. As it is contained in an Enerpeel® solution, any redness and erythema is much less in severity and duration, compared to many other chemical peels.

Pyruvic Acid ~50%

Enerpeel® Mandelic Acid
For Rosacea and Telangiectasia

Mandelic Acid is an alpha hydroxy acid but it has a number of chemical properties apart from acting as an exfoliating solution which does not trigger erythema. Its ability to help control rosacea has been shown but its actual mechanism of action in treating rosacea symptoms of reddening and thread veins is unknown but there is evidence that may point us in the right direction. It is ideal for those prone to reddening.

It is known to be antibacterial and antiviral and also helps to encourage vascular turnover and regeneration while suppressing reddening skin chemical reactions.

Mandelic Acid 40% and MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane)


Enerpeel® Jessner’s Revised
For Melasma and General pigmentation

Based upon salicylic acid, lactic acid and resorcinol, Enerpeel® JR is used primarily as a preparation peel for medium to deep peeling as seen with both strengths of Enerpeel® TCA. It can also be used to treat areas of hyperpigmentation; pregnancy mask and melasma’s in particular. After treatment, the skin will look younger, tighter and “fresher” than before.

Salicylic Acid ~15%, Lactic Acid ~20%, Resorcinol ~14%


Enerpeel® Salicylic Acid
For Active Acne and Inflammation

Enerpeel® SA is a skin remodelling solution designed specifically for sufferers of acne, thanks partly due to the sebostatic (oil production reducing) effect of Salicylic Acid. The solution also contains the two active ingredients that are present in Aknicare® – triethyl citrate and ehtyl linoleate – which were shown in a clinical trial by Professor Tony Chu to reduce the four main visible signs of acne.

Salicylic Acid ~30%


Enerpeel® TCA 25% and 40%
For  Deep Lines and Sun Damage

Enerpeel® TCA – the most effective skin remodelling solution in the Enerpeel® range – is available in two different versions 25% (which provides medium-depth remodelling) and 40% (which offers the deepest -and therefore most profound – remodelling). An Enerpeel® TCA will improve colour, freshness, texture, skin tone, and fine wrinkles. It will also help to remove superficial discoloration, such as age spots.

Trichloroacetic Acid ~25%
Trichloroacetic Acid ~40%


Fat Freeze

Cryolipolysis, commonly known as fat freeze, is designed for treating localised pockets of fat located in various areas of the body. There are several applicators designed to adapt to all areas of the body thereby enabling one’s figure to be completely remodelled.

Using a cooling process called cool assisted lipolysis, the Cooltech® system targets and eliminate fat cells permanently. This non-invasive procedure selectively targets fat cells without damaging the surrounding tissue.
With CoolTech Fat Freeze treatments there are no needles, no incisions, no downtime, and no garments. This safe, quick and easy treatment allows you to resume normal daily activities immediately after the treatment.

The procedure takes one and a half hours to complete one area of freezing. It requires you to lay on the bed while a specifically designed hand piece is positioned on the area to be treated. The hand piece attached to the cooltech machine will gradually suck the pocket of fat into a small chamber and cool it to -8 Degrees Celsius.

Results: After one treatment patients can expect to see 30% – 50% fat reduction in the treated area. Results are seen at the 3-months. Usually you would only require one treatment per area. You can have multiple treatments if you want them.

Downtime: There is no downtime to this procedure, you can resume life as usual as soon as you walk out the door. The area treated, however, is painful to touch for about a week. Numbness of the area may be associated and may persist for up to 6 weeks

Leg Veins

How it Works: Sclerotherapy is a popular method for eliminating varicose veins and superficial telangiectasias (“spider veins”) in which a solution, called a sclerosing agent, is injected into the veins on the legs.

The Procedure: The treatment involves multiple tiny injections of specific solution into the small veins on the legs. For each injection, there may be slight discomfort and cramping for only a few minutes. For majority of people having sclerotherapy not need pain relief is required. The procedure takes approximately half an hour.

Results: The number of treatment needed to clear or improve the condition differs from patient to patient, depending on the extent of the spider veins present. One to three treatments are usually required, and would ideally be spaced 4 weeks apart. This treatment is usually undertaken in the winter months.

Down Time: You may have bruising for a few weeks, and you are required to wear specialized pressure stockings for up to 2 weeks following your procedure.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

LOTUS GynoLaser offers a predictable and effective treatment for symptoms of vaginal relaxation syndrome (VRS), vaginal atrophy (ageing) and stress urinary incontinence (light bladder leakage). These conditions can affect women of all ages, causing physical discomfort as well as emotional stress, and a loss of confidence, both personally and in intimate relationships.

The treatment works by stimulating your body’s own regenerative processes to improve blood circulation, regenerate healthier cells, and create more moisture for the cells. This in turn improves the strength and elasticity of the pelvic floor muscles, giving you a tighter and better lubricated vaginal wall, and helping to increase bladder control.


Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome (VRS) is described as laxity of the vaginal wall. It is caused by pregnancy and childbirth, and it is exacerbated by menopause. The result is a loss of friction during intercourse, and a reduction in sexual satisfaction for both partners.

Vaginal atrophy describes the thinning of the wall of the vagina and a loss of lubrication in the vaginal mucosa. It occurs as estrogen levels decline. Women suffer problems of dryness, itching, and poor muscle tone. These conditions can have a profound effect on sexual function and the quality of sexual experience for both partners.

Both of these conditions can occur as a result of natural ageing, pregnancy and childbirth, natural or induced menopause, or any illness or its treatment that interferes with normal female hormonal balance. They can have a very negative impact on a woman’s life.

Symptoms of these conditions include:

  • Vaginal itchiness
  • Vaginal burning
  • Diminished sensation during intercourse
  • Dyspareunia (painful intercourse)
  • Decreased sexual sensitivity for both partners
  • Vaginal and vulval pain or discomfort
  • Dryness and loss of lubrication
  • Vaginal laxity (looseness)
  • Stress incontinence
  • Recurrent thrush

Who benefits from this treatment?: LOTUS GynoLaser has been proven to be very effective in treating these problems. Not every woman will be a suitable candidate for laser vaginal rejuvenation, and the treatment is not designed to replace hormone therapies or surgical procedures. However, for many women, LOTUS GynoLaser is a highly effective solution that involves minimal discomfort and downtime.

How does it work: The LOTUS GynoLaser uses proven CO2 laser technology, which has been extensively used in highly delicate surgical procedures for over 50 years. The developments incorporated in the LOTUS GynoLaser make it one of the most advanced lasers used in modern medicine.

The LOTUS treatment enhances the vaginal mucosa and restores a healthy, youthful structure. It activates the fibroblasts of the mucosa and this helps promote collagen synthesis. This results in increased water content, increased small blood vessel formation (capillaries), and better transportation of nutrients. The vaginal mucosa are revitalised and rehydrated.

In a process called neocollagenesis, the cells of the vaginal wall are stimulated to produce more elastin and collagen. The natural PH of the vagina is restored, and flexibility, strength and moisture content are improved.

The Procedure: We will assess your individual condition to determine whether LOTUS GynoLaser is the correct treatment for your condition.

You will be prepared for the treatment as if you were having a pap smear.

The laser probe will be inserted into your vagina. This delivers the laser energy to the walls of the vagina and stimulates the mucosal tissue. Treatment will be delivered as the laser head rotates, then the probe will be retracted 1cm and the process repeated. This will occur for the length of the vaginal wall, treating the entire mucosal layer.

The process is virtually painless, but you will feel a sensation of heat. The heat from the laser causes the loose tissues of the vagina to contract.

How many treatments are required: Some women can notice a difference after one LOTUS treatment, but typically two or three treatments, each a month apart, will achieve optimal results. Treatment can be repeated in consultation with us as required, if/when symptoms return.

Downtime: The LOTUS is a non-surgical, almost pain-free, 10-minute procedure, so there is no downtime and you can return to normal activities immediately. 
You may notice a slight increase in secretions as the vagina is adjusting after treatment. This will resolve in 2-3 days. 
Results will become noticeable around 30 days after the first treatment. 
You doctor will advise when you can return to normal sexual activity: usually in around 2 weeks.


How it works: A skin only Blepharoplasty is a minimally invasive procedure that removes the excess skin of the upper eyelid using a laser. The procedure is customized for every patient and is performed by a trained Medical Doctor within the practice. Skin only Blepharoplasty can improve the drooping skin of the top eyelid. It can help improve vision in patients who have hooding of their upper eyelids.

Procedure: The sophisticated CO2 laser is used to cut the skin of the upper eyelid. The procedure is done under local anaesthetic and takes approximately an hour. You will have stitches for a week following this procedure.

Results: Results are seen immediately but may take up to six months to see the absolute final results. Blepharoplasty will not remove “crow’s feet or other wrinkles under the eyes. A Blepharoplasty will not eliminated dark circles under the eyes, or lift sagging eyebrows and it will not stop the process of aging.

Downtime: There is approximately two weeks down time associated with a blepharoplasty. You will have stitches and mild bruising for a week, and you will be required to wear tape on the wound for 2 weeks.

Silhouette Soft Thread Lift

How it works: The Silhouette Soft thread lift procedure is a safe and effective non-surgical face lifting technique that uses fully absorbable, self-anchoring Poly-L-Lactic threads to lift, tighten and volumise the face, offering a total face approachto rejuvenation. The lifting effect improves skin laxity, lines and folds and an uneven jawline. Meanwhile extra collagen growth gradually replaces volume for plump, youthful appearance.

The procedure: The Silhouette Soft procedure is minimally invasive and requires little downtime and recovery. Some patients may experience swelling, tenderness and minimal bruising at needle entry points. However, these side effects are temporary and typically subside within a few days. You will need to book a consultation with Dr Stephanie Hyams before booking your actual thread treatment. This gives you the chance to find out if you are suitable for treatment and to discuss your desired outcomes and expectations. The procedure is done in clinic under local anaesthetic, in a sterile environment. The procedure takes about 45minutes.

Results: Minimal results will be seen immediately. True results are generally seen at about three months following the procedure as you will continue to produce collagen around each Polly-L-Lactic thread over three months.

Downtime: There is minimal down time. Patients may experience swelling and minimal bruising for a few days. The threads will take about two weeks to settle completely. We encourage you stay off all fish oil, garlic and green supplements as well as nurofen, disprin and any other blood thinning medication for a week before treatment. (please note: if you are on blood thinners because of medical reasons you must obtain consent from your Medical specialist before going off any prescribed medication)



How it works

Plasmage delivers Plasma Energy to the skin via the hand piece tip, generated by the ionization of the gas in the air. Plasmage provides a non-surgical treatment for wrinkles, especially around the eye and mouth area.


The area to be treated needs to be numbed with numbing cream an hour prior to the procedure. The plasmage procedure is where multiple micro-thermal zones are created along the edges of each wrinkle. These thermal zones will cause skin tightening and collagen production, thus reducing the wrinkle appearance. Each treatment takes approximately 30 minutes.


Results are not immediate and usually require 4-6 weeks to notice a difference; this is because we are relying on collagen production.


Once the treatment is complete, you will notice some redness and swelling around the treated area. Within a few days after the treatment, you will see some crusting of the area. You should avoid encouraging the crusts to fall off by trying not to touch the area and avoiding scrubbing the area whilst washing. These crusts are crucial to the healing process and are protecting the new skin forming underneath.

How many treatments

Depending on your skin type and the depth of your wrinkles, you may need more than one treatment greater than 6 weeks apart.


All of the above will be discussed at length during your complimentary consultation.


Laser Facial

Laser Facial, also known as Laser Genesis is a 1064nm Q-Switch NdYag laser used to:

  • Smooth skin texture,
  • Treat acne and reduce redness associated with acne scarring
  • Diminish pore size
  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Fade Melasma

This procedure can be done the face, neck and décolletage, and can be used on all skin types.

How it works: Over time this laser will stimulate new collagen in the skin. It works by heating the deep layers of the skin causing collagen to produce. The laser also shatters abnormal deep dermal pigment at a microscopic level creating a clearer complexion.

Procedure: The laser procedure feels like tiny sparks over the face, taking 15 minutes, it can be done in a lunch break. No numbing is required.
This procedure appeals to people who cannot take time off work to recover, and people preparing for a special event who don’t want to risk looking red or swollen

Results: are instant your skin will glow and instantly feel plump. For best results, a treatment every 4 weeks is recommended.

When Laser Genesis is used in combination with other treatment modalities and a Medical Grade Skin-care regime results are significantly improved.

Downtime: There is usually no downtime.

Pigment Laser

Laser Pigment treatment is a 532mn Q-Swith NdYag laser used to:

  • Treat superficial sun damage
  • Treat and age spots

This procedure can be done on the face, neck, décolletage and hands. This laser can only be used on light skin people and must be used in combination with a Medical Grade Skin care regime.

How it works: The pigment laser works by shattering the abnormal pigment that lies on the superficial layer of the skin.

Procedure: The procedure takes 15 minutes. The laser feels like a hot elastic band flicking on the skin. The spots treated:

  • Feel warm for about an hour post treatment. The spots treated
  • Will temporarily go darker and crusty before falling off over 7 days.

It is essential you stay out of the sun following this procedure.

Results: are seen one-week post treatment, however, for optimal results you may require 2-4 treatments spaced one month apart

When Laser pigment is used in combination with other treatment modalities and a Medical Grade Skin-care regime results are significantly improved.

Downtime: There is downtime associated with this procedure, slight welts may be apparent for 24hours while dark sports will peel off and resolve over 5-7 days. Make-up will cover the dark spots.

C02 Abrasion Fraxis Laser

Carbon dioxide (CO2) lasers have been used for many years to resurface. Typically, they are used to improve skin texture and tone, reduce wrinkles, and remove sun damage and pigmentation and tighten the skin on the face, neck, décolletage and hands.

How does it work: Fractional CO2 works by drilling lots of tiny holes into the skin that encouraged collagen and elastin production. Only a small percentage of skin is targeted by the sophisticated laser, leaving a certain amount of untouched skin to promote healing. Fractionated CO2 offers moderate improvement in wrinkles, discoloration and scarring by stimulating collagen production.

The Procedure: The actual fraxis laser procedure takes approximately 30 minutes, however, numbing cream is required 30 minutes before the treatment. (Numbing can be done at home with an over the counter product called ‘Emla Cream”) With numbing cream, the treatment is well tolerable.

Downtime: The sophistication of the machine allows us to tailor individual treatments. The laser can be regulated to facilitate your downtime.
Depending on the strength of the laser will depend on how many treatments you will require.

Radio Frequency

The Secret Micro-Needle Fractional RF System is the ideal technology for skin lifting, tightening and rejuvenation by utilising minimally invasive micro-needles to deliver controlled RF energy directly into various depths of the skin. RF energy heats tissue and stimulate sub dermal collagen production in order to reduce the appearance of fine lines and loose skin. The technique induces tissue remodelling and production of new collagen and elastin.  The process provides an alternative to a facelift and other cosmetic surgeries.

Radiofrequency is used for:

  • Skin lifting,
  • Pore-size reduction,
  • Skin tightening
  • Overall rejuvenation.
  • Deep and shallow wrinkles,
  • Acne and acne scars.

The procedure is done on the face and neck and can be used on all skin types

How it works: Each pulse of the Radiofrequency has 10 Non-insulated micro-needles that penetrate the skin emitting an electric current causing dermal heating.

The Procedure: The actual RF procedure takes approximately 30 minutes, however, numbing cream is required 30 minutes before. (Numbing can be done at home with an over the counter product called ‘Emla Cream”)
With numbing cream, the treatment is well tolerable.

Downtime: You may experience transient erythema on the treated areas for 3-4 hours initially. The downtime involved with SECRETRF treatments are significantly reduced due to it targeting the deeper layers of the skin. The typical interval between sessions is once every 3-4 weeks. Most patients see excellent results following 2-4 treatments. This may vary according to your skin condition.

Vascular Laser

The long pulsed 532mn laser is used to treat facial redness. The laser will:

  • Remove spider veins across the entire face.
  • Remove some vascular birthmarks
  • Remove Haemangioma  (vascular tumours) on the face and around the mouth and on the body.

How does it work: The vascular laser works by targeting the haemoglobin in the surface veins, coagulating the blood in the vein and shutting it down. The shutdown vein is then treated like a bruise by the body and naturally gets reabsorb.

The Procedure: The procedure takes approximately 20 minutes. It feels like hot pin pricks across the face. Some clients choose to apply a numbing cream called emla before attending the treatment.

Downtime: There is minimal downtime associated with this laser. You will be slightly red for about 24 hours following the vascular laser, make-up can cover this.

Results: Will be seen after the first treatment, however, for optimal results you may require 2-4 treatments spaced one month apart.
When vascular laser is used in combination with other treatment modalities and a Medical Grade Skin-care regime results are significantly improved

HIFU : High Intensity Focused Ultrasound

Ultraformer III  

What is Ultraformer HIFU?

Ultraformer HIFU treatment uses ultrasound to lift and tighten a number of problem areas, including the lower face, under the chin, and neck. It can reduce wrinkles around the eyes, mouth and cheeks. It can also be used for skin tightening on small problem areas of the body.

During Ultraformer treatment, low amounts of Micro-Focused Ultrasound energy are delivered into precise skin depths, without damaging the surface of the skin. The MFU energy creates heat, which stimulates tissue remodelling. The result, over time, is a natural skin lifting, tightening and rejuvenation.


What can I expect in the treatment?

Prior to treatment you skin will be cleaned, and a set of clinical photos will be taken. Topical anaesthetic can be applied. You can expect to experience some discomfort as the ultrasound energy is delivered.


What does Ultraformer HIFU treat?

Ultraformer III performs skin tightening on the Face and Neck. It can also be used to lift the skin, treat fine lines and wrinkles, and rejuvenate and strengthen the skin.


How long does each treatment take?

Ultraformer HIFU treatments take between 30 minutes to an hour, depending on which areas are being treated.


How much does it cost?

The cost varies depending on the areas you are having treated.

Our nurses will discuss the areas you would like treated during your consultation and can customise the treatment to address your areas of concern and meet your budget.


How many treatments will I need?

Most patients will need only one treatment, and then can repeat the treatment every 12 months to maintain their results.

For moderate to severe laxity, 2 treatments in the first 6 months is recommended, and maintenance treatments every 12 months after that.

Your doctor can advise you of the appropriate treatment regimen to maximise your results during your consultation.


When does numbing cream need to be applied?

Numbing cream needs to be applied 30 minutes prior to treatment, onset is within 30

minutes, and will work for 60 minutes after the cream is removed.


Who can have the Ultraformer treatment?

Patients suitable for Ultraformer are those with sagging and laxity of the skin, caused by sun damage and ageing. Patients with facial implants or open wounds on their face are not appropriate for this treatment.


Do I need to do anything to prepare for the treatment?

For best results, we recommend men are clean shaven on the day for treatment. There is no need to wear makeup as it will be removed prior to treatment.


What are the possible side effects?

Although side effects are uncommon they can occur. They are usually temporary and mild in nature.

Your skin may appear red for a few hours after Ultraformer treatment.

You may experience slight swelling, tingling or tenderness for a few days after treatment. Rarely, some patients may experience temporary bruising welts or numbness.

As with any heat-based treatment, there is a slight risk of burning the skin.

Temporary nerve inflammation will resolve in a few days or weeks.

If a motor nerve has become inflamed, you might experience some temporary local muscle weakness. There could be some temporary numbness if a sensory nerve has become inflamed.



Anti-wrinkle injections are commonly used to treat frown lines, forehead lines as well as laugh lines around the eyes. More advanced techniques can also be used to reshape the face and prevent the aging process. Anti wrinkle injections work by relaxing the target muscle that causes the creasing, minimising wrinkle formation.

The Procedure: involves placing tiny injections in and around the the areas of concern, eyebrows, around the eyes and forehead.

Results: It take approximately 2 weeks before results are noticed and will last approximately 3-6 months depending on individual circumstances. Anti wrinkle injections works very well in combination with modalities of anti aging provided within the clinic.

Downtime: It is minimal; there may be mild redness and swelling at treated sites and occasionally, mild bruising. These resolve within a few hours to a few days. You may immediately resume normal activities.


Filler called Hyaluronic acid (HA) injected under the skin is a non-surgical approach that hydrates the skin and replaces the volume loss caused by the aging process. Filler is a gel like substance made from naturally occurring complex sugars. All fillers used in our clinic are TGA approved and are totally reversible.

The Procedure: involves injections a smooth gel (HA) under the skin into the desired areas, usually around the cheek, lips & mouth folds. You will see instant result. The body eventually absorbs the filler, leaving behind new collagen that was stimulated by the filler.

Results: They are instant. You will see instant results when using filler. Depend on the area injected, and the type of filler used, the results will last between 6-18months. Filler works very well in combination with other anti aging modalities provided within the clinic

Downtime: is usually minimal, however, depending on the area injected bruising and swelling is common and may last between 3-7 days.

Collagen Stimulator

Collagen stimulators called Poly-L-Lactic Acid (PLLA) injected under the skin is a non-surgical approach that corrects the hollowing of the face caused by aging. PLLA is a water solution that is injected across the entire face to create collagen stimulation (fullness) and creates firmness to the skin

The Procedure: involves injections of a watery substance (PLLA) under the skin into the desired areas. Unlike filler, you will not see instant results and may require multiple procedures depending on your age. The body eventually absorbs the PLLA

The Results: are gradual. You will not see instant results when using a collagen stimulator, however after repeated treatments, we suggest 3-4 treatments of one vial spaced 6 weeks apart, you will notice a nice difference. Results will last up to 2.5years. Once patients have had their initial dose, the only require a top up of one vial once a year. PLLA work very well in combination with modalities of anti aging provided within the clinic.

Downtime: There is bruising and swelling associated with injecting PLLA and can last between 3-7 days

Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP also known as Platelet Rich Plasma is rich in growth factors providing the latest technology in Anti aging. The treatment stimulates your own stem cells within the fat layer of the face to produce collagen and slow down the aging process. PRP addresses the common aging signs of fine lines and crepe skin. Areas that can be treated include

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Décolletage
  • Hands

PRP works very well in combination with anti wrinkle injections and fillers, providing the ultimate skin boost.

PRP treatment also stimulates hair growth on the scalp. When PRP is injected in the scalp it regenerates and restores blood flow to the redundant hair follicles and your hair begins to regrow. Combined with other treatments this is a very successful treatment for hair growth

Sexual health can also be addressed using PRP commonly known as the P Shot and O Shot.

The Procedure: is all done in clinic, our nurse takes your blood and spins it down in a TGA approved device. Platelets are then extracted and injected under the skin using small needles. This procedure is commonly used in conjunction with laser on the same day.

The Results: are gradual, clearer and firmer skin is seen at 2 weeks. Better results are seen with progressive treatment. We suggest initially having 3 treatments spaced one month apart and then repeating only one treatment every 6 months. PRP work very well in combination with modalities of anti aging provided within the clinic.

Downtime: There is bruising and swelling associated with injecting PRP and can last between 3-7 days.

Chin Dissolving

Excess fat or fullness below the chin can be treated with injections. The TGA approved injections contain a solution that is able to dissolve the fat and remove it permanently. This procedure is most suited to people with moderate to severe fullness under the chin (the double chin).

The procedure: takes about 15 minutes. Your chin will be marked up using a special transfer sticker. Each point will be injected with a small amount of the fat dissolving solution.

Results: This varies between individuals. For most people 2 to 4 in clinic treatments are needed to achieve pleasing results. These treatments are spaced 4-6 or more weeks apart. Benefits and improvement continue to be seen in the following months.

Downtime: The treatment itself is not painful, however clients do experience deep burning like pain 15 minutes after the procedure. The intensity of this pain dulls down over a few hours but will remain a dull ache for around 3-5 days. There is excessive swelling of the neck area for 3-5 days