Fat Freeze

Cryolipolysis, commonly known as fat freeze, is designed for treating localised pockets of fat located in various areas of the body. There are several applicators designed to adapt to all areas of the body thereby enabling one’s figure to be completely remodelled.

Using a cooling process called cool assisted lipolysis, the Cooltech® system targets and eliminate fat cells permanently. This non-invasive procedure selectively targets fat cells without damaging the surrounding tissue.
With CoolTech Fat Freeze treatments there are no needles, no incisions, no downtime, and no garments. This safe, quick and easy treatment allows you to resume normal daily activities immediately after the treatment.

The procedure takes one and a half hours to complete one area of freezing. It requires you to lay on the bed while a specifically designed hand piece is positioned on the area to be treated. The hand piece attached to the cooltech machine will gradually suck the pocket of fat into a small chamber and cool it to -8 Degrees Celsius.

Results: After one treatment patients can expect to see 30% – 50% fat reduction in the treated area. Results are seen at the 3-months. Usually you would only require one treatment per area. You can have multiple treatments if you want them.

Downtime: There is no downtime to this procedure, you can resume life as usual as soon as you walk out the door. The area treated, however, is painful to touch for about a week. Numbness of the area may be associated and may persist for up to 6 weeks

Leg Veins

How it Works: Sclerotherapy is a popular method for eliminating varicose veins and superficial telangiectasias (“spider veins”) in which a solution, called a sclerosing agent, is injected into the veins on the legs.

The Procedure: The treatment involves multiple tiny injections of specific solution into the small veins on the legs. For each injection, there may be slight discomfort and cramping for only a few minutes. For majority of people having sclerotherapy not need pain relief is required. The procedure takes approximately half an hour.

Results: The number of treatment needed to clear or improve the condition differs from patient to patient, depending on the extent of the spider veins present. One to three treatments are usually required, and would ideally be spaced 4 weeks apart. This treatment is usually undertaken in the winter months.

Down Time: You may have bruising for a few weeks, and you are required to wear specialized pressure stockings for up to 2 weeks following your procedure.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

LOTUS GynoLaser offers a predictable and effective treatment for symptoms of vaginal relaxation syndrome (VRS), vaginal atrophy (ageing) and stress urinary incontinence (light bladder leakage). These conditions can affect women of all ages, causing physical discomfort as well as emotional stress, and a loss of confidence, both personally and in intimate relationships.

The treatment works by stimulating your body’s own regenerative processes to improve blood circulation, regenerate healthier cells, and create more moisture for the cells. This in turn improves the strength and elasticity of the pelvic floor muscles, giving you a tighter and better lubricated vaginal wall, and helping to increase bladder control.


Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome (VRS) is described as laxity of the vaginal wall. It is caused by pregnancy and childbirth, and it is exacerbated by menopause. The result is a loss of friction during intercourse, and a reduction in sexual satisfaction for both partners.

Vaginal atrophy describes the thinning of the wall of the vagina and a loss of lubrication in the vaginal mucosa. It occurs as estrogen levels decline. Women suffer problems of dryness, itching, and poor muscle tone. These conditions can have a profound effect on sexual function and the quality of sexual experience for both partners.

Both of these conditions can occur as a result of natural ageing, pregnancy and childbirth, natural or induced menopause, or any illness or its treatment that interferes with normal female hormonal balance. They can have a very negative impact on a woman’s life.

Symptoms of these conditions include:

  • Vaginal itchiness
  • Vaginal burning
  • Diminished sensation during intercourse
  • Dyspareunia (painful intercourse)
  • Decreased sexual sensitivity for both partners
  • Vaginal and vulval pain or discomfort
  • Dryness and loss of lubrication
  • Vaginal laxity (looseness)
  • Stress incontinence
  • Recurrent thrush

Who benefits from this treatment?: LOTUS GynoLaser has been proven to be very effective in treating these problems. Not every woman will be a suitable candidate for laser vaginal rejuvenation, and the treatment is not designed to replace hormone therapies or surgical procedures. However, for many women, LOTUS GynoLaser is a highly effective solution that involves minimal discomfort and downtime.

How does it work: The LOTUS GynoLaser uses proven CO2 laser technology, which has been extensively used in highly delicate surgical procedures for over 50 years. The developments incorporated in the LOTUS GynoLaser make it one of the most advanced lasers used in modern medicine.

The LOTUS treatment enhances the vaginal mucosa and restores a healthy, youthful structure. It activates the fibroblasts of the mucosa and this helps promote collagen synthesis. This results in increased water content, increased small blood vessel formation (capillaries), and better transportation of nutrients. The vaginal mucosa are revitalised and rehydrated.

In a process called neocollagenesis, the cells of the vaginal wall are stimulated to produce more elastin and collagen. The natural PH of the vagina is restored, and flexibility, strength and moisture content are improved.

The Procedure: We will assess your individual condition to determine whether LOTUS GynoLaser is the correct treatment for your condition.

You will be prepared for the treatment as if you were having a pap smear.

The laser probe will be inserted into your vagina. This delivers the laser energy to the walls of the vagina and stimulates the mucosal tissue. Treatment will be delivered as the laser head rotates, then the probe will be retracted 1cm and the process repeated. This will occur for the length of the vaginal wall, treating the entire mucosal layer.

The process is virtually painless, but you will feel a sensation of heat. The heat from the laser causes the loose tissues of the vagina to contract.

How many treatments are required: Some women can notice a difference after one LOTUS treatment, but typically two or three treatments, each a month apart, will achieve optimal results. Treatment can be repeated in consultation with us as required, if/when symptoms return.

Downtime: The LOTUS is a non-surgical, almost pain-free, 10-minute procedure, so there is no downtime and you can return to normal activities immediately. 
You may notice a slight increase in secretions as the vagina is adjusting after treatment. This will resolve in 2-3 days. 
Results will become noticeable around 30 days after the first treatment. 
You doctor will advise when you can return to normal sexual activity: usually in around 2 weeks.


How it works: A skin only Blepharoplasty is a minimally invasive procedure that removes the excess skin of the upper eyelid using a laser. The procedure is customized for every patient and is performed by a trained Medical Doctor within the practice. Skin only Blepharoplasty can improve the drooping skin of the top eyelid. It can help improve vision in patients who have hooding of their upper eyelids.

Procedure: The sophisticated CO2 laser is used to cut the skin of the upper eyelid. The procedure is done under local anaesthetic and takes approximately an hour. You will have stitches for a week following this procedure.

Results: Results are seen immediately but may take up to six months to see the absolute final results. Blepharoplasty will not remove “crow’s feet or other wrinkles under the eyes. A Blepharoplasty will not eliminated dark circles under the eyes, or lift sagging eyebrows and it will not stop the process of aging.

Downtime: There is approximately two weeks down time associated with a blepharoplasty. You will have stitches and mild bruising for a week, and you will be required to wear tape on the wound for 2 weeks.

Silhouette Soft Thread Lift

How it works: The Silhouette Soft thread lift procedure is a safe and effective non-surgical face lifting technique that uses fully absorbable, self-anchoring Poly-L-Lactic threads to lift, tighten and volumise the face, offering a total face approachto rejuvenation. The lifting effect improves skin laxity, lines and folds and an uneven jawline. Meanwhile extra collagen growth gradually replaces volume for plump, youthful appearance.

The procedure: The Silhouette Soft procedure is minimally invasive and requires little downtime and recovery. Some patients may experience swelling, tenderness and minimal bruising at needle entry points. However, these side effects are temporary and typically subside within a few days. You will need to book a consultation with Dr Stephanie Hyams before booking your actual thread treatment. This gives you the chance to find out if you are suitable for treatment and to discuss your desired outcomes and expectations. The procedure is done in clinic under local anaesthetic, in a sterile environment. The procedure takes about 45minutes.

Results: Minimal results will be seen immediately. True results are generally seen at about three months following the procedure as you will continue to produce collagen around each Polly-L-Lactic thread over three months.

Downtime: There is minimal down time. Patients may experience swelling and minimal bruising for a few days. The threads will take about two weeks to settle completely. We encourage you stay off all fish oil, garlic and green supplements as well as nurofen, disprin and any other blood thinning medication for a week before treatment. (please note: if you are on blood thinners because of medical reasons you must obtain consent from your Medical specialist before going off any prescribed medication)