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Thread Lift

  • Encourages collagen production
  • Supports face structure with ability to lift laxing skin and features
  • Some limited downtime required

How it Works

The Silhouette Soft thread lift procedure is a safe and effective non-surgical face lifting technique that uses absorbable, self-anchoring Poly-L-Lactic threads to lift, tighten, contour and volumise the face, offering a total face approach to rejuvenation. The lifting effect improves skin laxity, fine lines, definition and an uneven jawline. Over time the Poly-L-Lactic threads encourage collagen production which can enhance the health of the skin creating a more youthful appearance.


Prior to treatment, a consultation at our clinic will be required with a medical professional. This will allow a clinic practitioner to assess whether you are a suitable candidate for treatment. It will also give the individual time to discuss the desired outcomes and expectations of the treatment. The procedure is then scheduled and performed in our clinic under local anaesthetic.


The thread lift is a surgical procedure and therefore can require downtime and recovery. Patients may experience swelling, tenderness, minor puckering and minimal bruising at needle entry points. True results are generally seen at about three months following the procedure as you will continue to produce collagen around each Polly-L-Lactic thread after the procedure.


Patients may experience swelling and bruising of the treated areas in the days following treatment. The threads can take approximately two weeks to settle in the desired area. If the individual is on blood thinning medication please seek the advice of your medical specialist. A post treatment check-up in clinic may be required following treatment.