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Laser Vascular

The long pulsed 532mn laser is used to treat facial redness. The laser will:

  • Reduce redness
  • Remove stubborn veins
  • Remove /reduce some vascular birthmarks
  • Remove Haemangioma (vascular tumours) on the face and around the mouth and on the body.

How it Works

The vascular laser works by targeting the haemoglobin in the surface veins, coagulating the blood in the vein and shutting it down. The vein is then treated like a bruise by the body and naturally gets absorbed.


The procedure takes approximately 20 minutes. It feels like hot pin pricks across the face. Some clients choose to apply a numbing cream before attending the treatment. (Always speak to a professional or call the clinic with any numbing related enquiries)


Can be seen after the first treatment, however, for optimal results you may require 2-4 treatments spaced one month apart or as recommended by your practitioner.

When vascular laser is used with good skin care and in combination with other treatments, results are significant.


There is minimal to a small amount of downtime associated with this laser (dependant on the intensity of your treatment). You may be slightly red for about 24 hours following the vascular laser, make-up can cover this.