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Laser Tattoo Removal

  • Fades and softens tattoo pigment
  • Effective treatment with minimal downtime
  • Life changing results

How it Works

Our clinic offers the safe and effective removal of tattoos using a precise Q-Switched Laser. The laser works to target and destroy the ink. This method of tattoo removal can be a more comfortable alternative to harsh and painful treatments. Laser tattoo removal can have quicker healing time and run less risk of injury to the surrounding tissue than other methods.


The laser targets ink particles in the skin with a beam of light energy. The ink particles absorb the light and are then broken up into fragments. The amount of time required for this treatment is dependent on the size of the tattoo. The treatment has been described to feel like a zapping on the skin.


The full effect of each treatment can be seen at roughly 5-6 weeks. Individuals can see a gradual fade in the colour and intensity of the tattoo. Multiple sessions may be required depending on the colour, size and depth of the tattoo.


After treatment the skin may be red and swollen in the targeted area. This is common and should gradually resolve itself. Individuals should avoid direct sun exposure in the treated area post treatment.