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Submental Dissolving (Double Chin)

  • Effectively reduces fat
  • Changes shape and appearance of lower face
  • Downtime required

How it Works

Excess fat or fullness below the chin can be treated with fat dissolving injections. The treatment involves injecting a TGA approved solution which effectively dissolves fat. This procedure is most suited to people with moderate to severe fullness under the chin (the double chin).


The procedure involves the individual’s submental being marked up using a transfer sticker. Each point will be injected with a small amount of the fat dissolving solution.


Results vary between individuals. For some people repeated in clinic treatments are needed to achieve pleasing results. These treatments are spaced 4-6 or more weeks apart. Benefits and improvement continue to be seen in the following months.


The injections themselves are generally not painful. However, 15 minutes after the procedure a burning like pain may be experienced. The intensity of this pain usually subsides over a few hours but may remain a dull ache for a few days after treatment. Clients should note there is excessive swelling of the neck area for the following days after this treatment. Please call the clinic for any further enquiries regarding this treatment.

PLEASE NOTE: It is advisable to refrain from taking any blood thinning medication or products 48 hours prior to treatment (these can cause unnecessary bleeding and bruising).
Contact our clinic or a professional for more information.