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Collagen Stimulation Injections

  • Most effective treatment in collagen production
  • Promotes healthier and firmer skin
  • Ultra-subtle effects

How it Works

This is a collagen stimulator containing Poly-L-Lactic Acid (PLLA) injected into the skin. It is a non-surgical approach that corrects the hollowing of the face caused by the aging process. It is injected into the treated areas to encourage collagen production. This in turn can result in increased plumpness, volume and firmness in such areas.


Treatment involves injections of the solution into the desired areas. The number of treatments required is based on a number of factors depending on the individual and the treated areas.


While the results may be more subtle and gradual than other treatments, results can last longer than some other treatments. Treated areas can appear to look healthier, firmer, plumper and more voluminous. Your body will eventually absorb the Poly-L-Lactic Acid while leaving the benefits of increased collagen in the treated areas.


There may be bruising or swelling in the concerned areas after treatment. This tends to subside in the following days after treatment. If you have further enquiries regarding downtime, please call our clinic or speak to your practitioner.

PLEASE NOTE: It is advisable to refrain from taking any blood thinning medication or products 48 hours prior to treatment (these can cause unnecessary bleeding and bruising).
Contact our clinic or a professional for more information.