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  • Minimises wrinkles and creases
  • Generally low pain and minimal downtime
  • Gives a subtle and youthful look

How it Works

Anti-wrinkle injections are commonly used to treat frown lines, forehead lines and laugh lines around the eyes. More advanced techniques can also be used to reshape the face and prevent the aging process. Anti-wrinkle injections work by relaxing the target muscle that causes the creasing, minimising wrinkle formation.


The treatment involves placing tiny injections in and around the areas of concern. There are a wide range of areas that can be treated however the most common are eyebrows, around the eyes and forehead. We also offer hyperhidrosis treatments.


It take approximately 2 weeks before results are noticed and will last approximately 3-6 months depending on individual circumstances. Anti-wrinkle injections work very well in combination with a number of anti-aging treatments provided within the clinic. Possible treatments can be discussed at length during a complimentary consultation in clinic with one of our medical professionals.


Downtime is often minimal for anti-wrinkle treatment. However, there may be some redness and swelling at treated sites and rarely, mild bruising. These resolve between anywhere from a few hours to a few days, dependant on the individual. We recommend staying upright after your treatment for a minimum of four hours. Furthermore, it is unadvisable to have any pressure on the treated areas (tight head bands, goggles, face down massage beds) within the first 24 hours post-treatment. It is a requirement that individuals wait two weeks for any additional treatment.

PLEASE NOTE: It is advisable to refrain from taking any blood thinning medication or products 48 hours prior to treatment (these can cause unnecessary bleeding and bruising).
Contact our clinic or a professional for more information.